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My favorite movie contest - $15 Prizes

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I don't think you know but I became recently a great fan of movies and TV series. Just to name a few of the ones I watched recently: Designated survivor, The Blacklist, Tulip fever, Fauda (israeli).

Write down your favorite movie and you automatically enter in the contest.


  • 1st place $7 PayPal or PerfectMoney
  • 2nd place $5 PayPal or PerfectMoney
  • 3rd place $3 PayPal or PerfectMoney

Contest will end in two weeks on 25 October 2017. The winner will be picked by using random generator from all the entries till date.

P.S. Only one entry per username and don't forget: Money won are twice as sweet as money earned :)

Good luck

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  • Root Admin

1) There are only few hours till the contest is over so dont forget to cast your answer.

2) This post will be deleted and the first post counted is going to be @blondie's one. When the entries are closed I will let you know everyone's number in the contest and then run the winners picking using randomGenerator. 1st time is extracted 1rd place, then 2nd and lastly 3rd place. If somebody already earned will extract once again.

3) At the moment we have 11 entries

Here are the numbers/IDs for the contest

1 - @blondie

2 - @Warfare

3 - @bluenoser

4 - @michwuka

5 - @sole

6 - @luisell

7 - @AffiliateMastery

8 - @WebGoldMiner

9 - @edmar6969

10 - @marijalota

11 - @JustGiving


Today I'm going to pick the winners.

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  • Root Admin

And here are the winners of the contest:

Lucky winner of 1st prize is number 5: @sole

Lucky winner of 2nd prize is number 7: @AffiliateMastery

Lucky winner of 3rd prize is number 3: @bluenoser

I've uploaded the video with the live extraction on our Facebook page:


Congrats eveyone and if you didn't won today no problem, we have many more contests soon.

Winners please PM me with your payment details.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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