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  1. We are glad to introduce you our currency and cryptocurrency exchange service - TocoEx. Since 2018, we have been providing reliable exchange services with high standards of security and anonymity. Our history of operating without complaints and claims confirms our commitment to quality and customer trust. On TocoEx you will find: - Direct exchange without intermediaries: We simplify the exchange process by eliminating unnecessary links. - Complete anonymity: Your privacy is our priority. - Wide range of payment systems: We support all popular banking systems and offer cash exchange. - Fast processing of applications: Processing time starts from just 5 minutes. - Profitable referral program: Get bonuses for attracting new users. - Round-the-clock support: Our specialists are always ready to help you on the site and in Telegram-bot. The main directions of our work: SEPA legal entities EUR, Sberbank RUB, Tinkoff RUB, Alfa Bank RUB, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether TRC20 (USDT), Tether BEP20 (USDT), Tether ERC20 (USDT), Cash RUB, EUR. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our services at tocoex.com and join our social networks to participate in contests and promotions. We value every client and strive to provide the best service. Regards, TocoEx team Contacts: Website: tocoex.com E-mail: [email protected] Telegram channel: t.me/tocoex_exchange Telegram Bot: t.me/tocoex_exchange_bot
  2. Zodeak, one of the renowned cryptocurrency exchange script company with a experienced team. We love to initiate and innovate new opportunities.
  3. Prioritizing Privacy At ex7.io, we value the personal privacy of our users. No intrusive questions or requests for personal data – here, you can securely and completely anonymously conduct your cryptocurrency exchanges. Guaranteed Cryptocurrency Purity We always provide only clean cryptocurrencies, ensuring your hassle-free use of your assets. Expanded Exchange Options Regularly updating exchange directions: currently offering exchanges for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the constant addition of new tokens in the future. Instant Operations Thanks to our instant exchange, you receive clean cryptocurrency in your wallet right after completing the transaction, eliminating any unnecessary questions or prying eyes. Custom Terms for Large Volumes For significant exchanges, reach out to us, and we'll provide you with optimal exchange conditions. Round-the-Clock Support Our service is available 24/7 in automatic mode. In case of questions, our team is ready to assist you. Contact Us Email: [email protected] Telegram: https://t.me/ex7_ENG_bot Technical Support Operating Hours Mon. – Fri.: 10:00 to 21:00 UTC Sat. – Sun.: flexible schedule
  4. Crypto is designed to be an alternative to the fiat monetary system and challenges numerous sectors. It is believed that over the next few years, the crypto space will compete with financial services and banking institutions and be poised to capture the growth. It is proven that the best way to make money with crypto is by investing and trading them. This is because the value of Bitcoin and other altcoins has risen by 1000% since its inception. So, where can you buy or invest in cryptocurrencies? The direct and easy way to hold crypto is to buy from a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. A Crypto exchange platform offers you a service to buy, sell and exchange the crypto into the currency you desire. In the platform, the process of transferring the fund is fast and straightforward. Since the crypto market is open 24/7, users can apply for the process at any time. The whole process will be completed in a matter of minutes. Now, let us discuss the key features that you must check before entering into the exchange. User authorization and verification Trade engine User interface Wallet Admin panel User Authorization & Verification An Exchange should provide a simple & onboarding experience to users. Also, note that an exchange verification process is very imperative, which minimizes the risk of fraudulent transactions. In order to provide high security, the exchange should provide two-factor authentication, anti-bot verification and other security features. Trade engine The trade engine is one of the vital components that access the order book and matches the buy and sell orders placed by users. It just calculates the current balance and executes the transaction. Trade engine is considered a core part of any exchange because no exchange can function properly without them. User interface The User Interface must be simple yet professional. And since smartphone usage is increasing, the launch of an exchange application for mobile devices also increases. Thus this will create more accessibility and attract more users. Ideally, the user interface should provide some basic features to users, namely, Register & access an account. View current order book, transaction history, Existing balance, statistics, etc.. Place buy and sell orders. View market trends. Access the support mechanism. Deposit, withdraw and maintain a portfolio. The wallet Another main feature that you need to look for in exchange is a Wallet. It is the place where tokens are stored, and so it requires maximum security. In the crypto market, different wallets with different features are available. There are various wallets, such as hot wallets, cold wallets, paper wallets, and desktop wallets. With these wallets, users can instantly withdraw their currencies to external wallets without approval from the exchange operator. Admin panel The admin panel operates the management software and business intelligence. The exchange operator gets the whole control to manage the process. some of the primary functions of an admin panel include: Managing currency like BTC, USD, ETH, etc. Altering liquidity Admin panel coin exchange software. Editing the spread and trading fees. Deposit and withdraw process requested by the user. Conclusion As we all know, the level of consequence created by cryptocurrency is a monumental milestone. The crypto community has achieved this feat in less than two decades from its inception. So if you are considering developing crypto exchange, then do it today because the potential growth and sheer profit that comes along is very humongous.
  5. Cryptocurrencies are getting high popularity since the introduction of bitcoin. Now, cryptocurrencies are considered the future of money. The huge rise in the crypto trading curve paves the way for the growth of crypto exchanges. If you want to start a new business in the crypto world, you can opt for crypto exchange. The only thing you need to do is selecting a reliable company to access the optimized crypto exchange development services. They will provide you the complete support throughout the process and helps to make a robust exchange platform. This blog post will explain why you should access exchange development and the ways it benefits. Benefits of Utilizing Crypto Exchange Development Easily Access Cutting Edge Solutions In the beginning, you have the only idea to start the crypto exchange. When you get started on your crypto journey, the company will help to enhance your idea and helps to involve in the right path. They will analyze the recent trends, competitive exchange platform features, unsolved problems, and innovative solutions. Based on these, they will render advanced solutions to start your innovative and robust exchange platform. Legal Care While launching a new exchange platform, you need to do legal procedures for getting proper licensing. When you have partnered with a reliable company, they will guide you on every aspect and help to make it an easier process. Advanced Security Implementations Based on the recent trends, Top security futures are given as follows: Two-factor authentication One-time password Fingerprint authentication Autodenial of server-side requests HTTP authentication Implement these security functionalities to make your exchange platforms free from security-related concerns and helps users to trade easily and hassle-free. Dedicated Marketing Services The exchange platform will get revenue only if loyal customers notice it. To make it, you need to promote your exchange platforms across the globe to find new opportunities. When you have associated with the best exchange development company, they will completely take care of your exchange platform promoting activities and make a platform popular and profitable. Customer Support After launching, you may need to fix bugs and add new futuristic implementations. The dedicated customer support from the company will help you 24/7 to solve customer queries and helps to carry out hassle-free crypto transactions. Final Words Now, you have understood the importance of the role of crypto exchange development. If you are interested in building a new exchange platform, You can approach Blockchain Firm that provides best-in-class Cryptocurrency Exchange development Services to drive efficient outcomes in your crypto journey!
  6. The Patriot Exchange is the newest US based Crypto Trading Platform. We are a fully liquid exchange with over 25 of the top cryptocurrencies available to trade. We provide our users an encrypted state of the art platform that is also easy to navigate. Our amazing platform comes with live & fast customer support. The Patriot Exchange is Proudly American & Boldly Conservative. We do no not support people or organizations with Socialist/Marxist ideologies. If you are interested in crypto and do not wish to further enrich the leftist big tech companies, we invite you to join our group of Patriots. http://patriotexchangeusa.com/ Twitter-https://twitter.com/ExchangePatriot Email- [email protected] Telegram- https://t.me/PatriotExchange #bitcoin #crypto #invest #mining #ether #NFT #crypto #currency #token #earn #investor #marketplace #coin #trade #Binance #world #profit #trading
  7. Obtain a greater market share by betting big on a Decentralized Exchange like IDEX. With a highly accurate matching engine, low latency, presence of standardized API’s, acceptance of advanced order types, and flexible custody of funds, we render a congestion-free network supported by fast settlements. Receive a customized solution according to your business requirements by booking a free consultation with our prolific developer team.
  8. Conduct direct, global transactions seamlessly now with the P2P crypto exchange software offered by seasoned developers of CES. Our P2P software is highly scalable and customizable according to user preferences. The robust integrations ensure direct global transactions with high-speed and accuracy, without any risks and a hassle-free business experience to the potential global customers.
  9. Even though cryptocurrency and crypto exchange businesses are thriving in the market, there are still security threats/hacks continually revolving around them. So, if you are a little uncertain about starting your business with crypto exchanges, and if you have this question running on your mind whether it is safe, it is completely understandable. But with the tech sector improving with new advancements through each day, the security systems are also getting better. If you are really aspiring to start your own exchange, but have taken a step back because of this security threat, the better option is to hire a well-experienced company to build your exchange. I would suggest you go with Blockchain App Factory. They work with some of the market leaders of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services, and therefore the cryptocurrency exchange software offered by them is robust and secure. They integrate multi-layered security features that will completely safeguard your exchange and your personal information from such hack threats. For your understanding, here is the list of their security features, Registry Lock DDoS protection X-XSS Protection HTTPS public key pinning CSP protection Anti-phishing code CSRF, SSRF protection Two Factor Authentication feature To find out more, and to achieve a profitable, highly secure cryptocurrency exchange platform that will help you with a seamless, risk-free business experience, get in touch with their experts.
  10. Build a cryptocurrency exchange software that rightly fits the current business model, with experts from CES. The vast experience and knowledge of our developers in the field, will help with robust technical and security integrations for your exchange software. Not only that, we also assure to constantly analyse and research the changing trends in the market, so that we integrate fitting features into the software that will attract customers from all around the globe.
  11. Acquire a flawless, high-performance peer to peer crypto exchange platform from specialists in crypto and blockchain services from Blockchain App Factory. Their extensive experience and knowledge will help with dependable integrations which will allow customers to trade directly peer-to-peer from anywhere around the world at any time, swiftly, efficiently, effectively, in a highly-secure manner. The transactions also occur with reduced costs which will drive customers interest in investing with the exchange.
  12. Accomplish a selective leverage trading crypto exchanges from Blockchain App Factory who has a group of a portion of the market heads working with them. Their margin trading exchange otherwise known as leverage exchange permits you to use upto 150X worth, with a margin of only 1 BTC, which will be exceptionally gainful to elevate your situation in the market, and lift your benefit esteems. The quality features and security incorporations will guarantee negligible misfortune esteem for the business.
  13. Blockchain App Factory works with a team of the market leaders of cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. Their experience will help with world-class digital asset exchange marketing services that will create an identity, brand name, credibility, and widen your scope among existing competitors in the market. They will conduct deep research and promote the exchange in a way it meets the market needs, which will attract potential global customers towards the business.
  14. To start a crypto exchange, there are two ways you can go about. The first one is building from scratch. But this method comes with its own set of obstacles. To gather all the equipment to build a robust exchange, will take a lot of time and the development process throughout will cost a fortune. Also, to sustain the exchange over competitors, quality technical assistance is required. The second method helps remove all the above-mentioned hurdles which is obtaining White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions from a sort after company. Whitelabel solutions are readily available solutions that come with every necessary technical, security integration, features etc that will help the exchange hit the market in no time, and are cost-effective. With a multitude of companies providing white label exchange solutions, here are some factors to look into that will help you choose the right one. White label exchange necessary inclusions High-Volume TPS Dominant trade matching engine Automated KYC/AML Legal frameworks Liquidity API Multicurrency/language/ crypto wallet support Blockchain technology and smart contracts Enhanced security/ Escrow system One of the top companies in the current market with a team of blockchain pioneers in Blockchain App Factory. Their vast experience in the field will help with 100% a reliable whitelabel exchange that is feature-rich and inbuilt with core functionalities that will gain you a competitive advantage and make your exchange business profitable. Get in touch with them to know more.
  15. If you ask where you can get a reliable Whitelabel crypto exchange software, I would suggest going with Blockchain App Factory. This is because they are one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related services. They offer Whitelabel solutions for your crypto exchange that are 100% pre-tested and reliable. Their Whitelabel exchange comes with the following integrations that will help customers with a highly-secure, seamless, efficient business experience. Whitelabel exchange software inclusions: Multi-currency support Multi-language support Automated KYC/AML Multi-currency secured wallet Powerful trade matching engine Order matching Admin backend panel Integrated Liquidity API Cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts Multiple payment gateway integrations High-volume TPS Integrated referral program Enhanced security Along with this, they also offer personalized customization services based on the preferences of the user. The best part is, their services are cost-effective and the exchange can be launched in no time without any glitches. Reach out to their team of experts to find out more.
  16. The developers from Blockchain App Factory are some of the most experienced in the market when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain development services. They are the best choice for cryptocurrency exchange marketing service providers because they will be well aware of the market needs and provide solutions accordingly. They will promote your exchange effectively in a multitude of marketing channels which will grasp the attention of potential customers and make your business viral among existing competitors. Unique and proven digital marketing strategies. Exchange Platform Development Strategy Building Content Marketing Press Release and Media Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Affiliate Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  17. The Crypto industry is rapidly growing and budding entrepreneurs are looking to build their own exchange to make more profits. Building an exchange is not an easy joke. Hence, the call for white label bitcoin exchange software. Blockchain App Factory provides a cost-effective white label solution of local bitcoin which can be customized & launched in no time, depending on your business requirements. Touch base with our experts today to launch your exchange in less than 48 hours. Unique Features of our Exchange MARGIN TRADING FUTURES CONTRACT CONDITIONAL TRADING COPY TRADING
  18. The ProperSix exchange is a crypto trading platform where users can trade at a much faster transaction speed. ProperSix exchange will ensure a transaction speed of more than 6000 TPS (transactions per second) and the more we scale, the faster we get. ProperSix exchange is secured by advanced architectural solutions such as inclusion of hot and cold wallet with the encryption and limited access of the database. Holding PRO6 token ownership, ProperSix clients will see an increase or decrease in value equal that of a shareholder in any successful business, and be rest assured that their investment is secure. ProperSix's exchange removes the need for costly third parties. We have created a fully decentralised exchange for payment with cryptocurrencies, such as our own PRO6 Token, PRO6 Coin and FIAT (Euro, USD, GBP to name a few) that is fast and highly secure. ProperSix Prestige Network and exclusive Members Club, delivering great benefits and a high customer value to all members with new and advanced blockchain technology. ProperSix has created a secure product and offers unique events and exclusive products to ProperSix club members. The ProperSix Crypto’2’FIATTM service is a service that comes with your membership card and is linked to our products so that ProperSix members can access their cryptocurrencies to use online and in stores. Furthermore, ProperSix are using advanced multi-factor authentication solution, which is developed on top of the blockchain, which is much more secure than current 2fa/mfa systems. Our IP verification and 2fa verification for withdrawal will ensure maximum security at the exchange. Buy crypto from several alternative payment methods and 40 currencies into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, EthereumClassic, Litecoin, XRP and 0x instantly – no additional verification required, with many deposit Methods – it’s never been easier to buy cryptocurrency using your preferred local method. This exchange also provides users with a Drag-drop & scale feature, allowing to create a personal experience. https://www.propersix.com images (2).jfif
  19. The ProperSix exchange is a crypto trading platform where users can trade at a much faster transaction speed. ProperSix exchange will ensure a transaction speed of more than 6000 TPS (transactions per second) and the more we scale, the faster we get. ProperSix exchange is secured by advanced architectural solutions such as inclusion of hot and cold wallet with the encryption and limited access of the database. Furthermore, ProperSix are using advanced multi-factor authentication solution, which is developed on top of the blockchain, which is much more secure than current 2fa/mfa systems. Our IP verification and 2fa verification for withdrawal will ensure maximum security at the exchange.ProperSix is using different frameworks of blockchain technologies to create a more secure and efficient exchange, ProperSix coin and token system. To start with, ProperSix is using Ethereum blockchain and will switch to the new Hydrogen Blockchain mfa with every ProperSix module to ensure safety and security throughout the system. Blockchain is a decentralised network that utilises the distributed ledger technology where users share their transactions while at the same time keeping their profile anonymous. Traditional banking systems require a centralised authority to carry out transactions; by using blockchain technology this procedure is removed. Clients can carry out transactions by transferring funds between each other’s wallet, thereby reducing time and cost. Buy crypto from several alternative payment methods and 40 currencies into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP and 0x instantly – no additional verification required, with many deposit Methods – it’s never been easier to buy cryptocurrency using your preferred local method. This exchange also provides users with a Drag-drop & scale feature, allowing to create a personal experience.https://www.propersix.com
  20. Dear Bitcoin & Crypto community! We invite you all to try out early but a handy 😏 version of ExchangeRates.Pro: the one and only bitcoin and cryptocurrency price comparison in 255 countries! What makes ExchangeRates.Pro so special: We compare prices of 150+ exchanges, adding new ones daily. All types of exchanges are presented in our list: Trading Platforms, P2P Marketplaces, Brokers, etc... Our staff thoroughly checks every exchange before listing to make sure each and everyone is trustworthy; there is a rating system, etc, etc... The price of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, BCH, whatever is calculated including all the fees exchange takes. Trust all the numbers you see @ exchangerates.pro! You are welcome to check Bitcoin and 33 other Cryptocurrencies vs 152 fiat currencies in 255 countries. We list buying/selling crypto offers in 300+ payment systems and banks worldwide! It's the same easy to compare "crypto <> crypto" rates at all the exchanges we support. BTC to ETH or BCHSV to DOGE, whatever you need we'll find the perfect exchange for you! Last but not least, we have super-user-friendly UI, even a complete newbie won't be lost here. πŸ‘ How to use ExchangeRates.Pro: There is nothing easier: Enter https://exchangerates.pro and you'll see all the best rates to buy Bitcoin in your country (and currency, if there are such offers at the moment). In most of the cases, that's all you need 😎 If you need to, you may change the country, currencies selection, etc. You may also choose an exact payment system or bank you prefer using. You can specify the amount you plan to exchange to choose the most profitable exchange considering the minimum/maximum fees/amounts (if any), etc. You may sort and filter the offers based on your preferences - rating, KYC requirements, etcetera... Links: https://exchangerates.pro awaits you! Follow our social media to stay aware of the new features and promos (it's our first days, remember) https://twitter.com/pro_rates https://t.me/exchangeratespro https://www.facebook.com/exchangeratespro/ Don't forget to share ExchangeRates.Pro with your friends, everybody deserves to buy Crypto with the best rate! Let us know what do you think about the service; what features we should add first, what cryptos, exchanges, payment systems/bank, etc. are most important for you. We welcome all the feedback!!! πŸš€
  21. Buying, selling, exchanging Webmoney, Perfect Money, Bitcoin. Dear Sirs and Madams! WMIRK is about 9 years on the e-currency market and we're providing best and trustworthy service. We have several exchange services for different needs of our clients: http://easychange.ru/index.php?ln=en&p=main - automatic and secure WebMoney exchange - WebMoney WMZ, WMR, WME, WMY, WMG, WMB, WMY - Yandex.Money - PM -> Yandex.Money (INSTANT) http://wmirk.ru/?lang=eng Our website dedicated to webmoney exchange. Buy and sell WMZ,rates: WMZ => WU - 5-7% WU => WMZ - 6-6.5% also available bank wire => WMZ. ======================== http://wmirk.biz/?lang=eng Our website dedicated to perfect money exchange. Buy and sell PM for better rates: WU->PM from 5.5% PM->WU from 6% For your Attention! We’ve been working in e-currency exchange business for 9 years. Lots receivers for your WU transfers, low rates, fast and reliable service time-proved! ICQ, Skype and phone support for our customers! E-currency exchanges are processed as soon as possible! We work with individuals and organizations. We are official and verified both: Perfect Money and WebMoney. wmirk.biz wmirk.ru wmtransfer.biz icq: 568434821, 255131, 631119706 e-mail: [email protected] skype: wmirkirina, wmirkalex, wmirk.ru phones:+7 (3952) 420548, +7 (3952) 757269
  22. https://www.bitforex.com/en/invitationRegister?inviterId=2083235 Hi, friends. In this article I want to review BitForex – exchange for trading digital assets. At the time of writing, BitForex is ranked 8th in the CoinMarketCap ranking in its category. BitForex exchange review Bitforex exchange is a platform for trading digital assets, which was established in June 2018 in Seychelles. Bitforex is headquartered in Singapore. In less than 9 months from the start of work, the exchange team was able to expand the range of tradable assets to 165 units. Funds for the development of this exchange were raised through ICO. During this process, the BitForex team, which includes former employees of Microsoft, Lenovo, Tencent and other companies, sold 10 billion BF tokens. The following funds took part in bitforex ICO: Node Capital; Qtum Foundation; Dragon Chain Capital; Block Origin and others. The BitForex trading platform uses an internal currency called BF Token. Using this token, all traders of the exchange have the opportunity to receive additional benefits: 1. Receives a portion of the exchange 2. Pay less Commission The Deposit and withdrawal of funds BitForex To proceed to Deposit, you need to select the currency to Deposit. To do this, in the β€œPlease Choose a Token” field, select the currency you want to send to the exchange. The list contains more than 100 coins and tokens, so there should be no problems with the choice. Referral program One of the factors of successful development of BitForex exchange is its 3-level referral program. Becoming a referral agent of the exchange, you have the opportunity to receive a reward from completed transactions of traders, which you can attract. For each referral level 1, you get 30% of the Commission earned by the exchange. For each referral of the 2nd and 3rd levels, you get 10% of the exchange Commission. Completion During 2019, BitForex exchange becomes popular among users of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. This is indicated by this analytical resource Similarweb. I would like to note that the Bitforex exchange followed in the footsteps of the industry leader – the Binance trading platform. BitForex exchange has all the chances to enter the TOP 5 exchanges in terms of trading volume by the end of 2019. BitForex is one of the leading exchanges in the world and it would be nice to get its tokens for free!!! Grin + Bitforex Airdrop To participate in the Grin + Bitforex airdrop just need to register here: https://www.bitforex.com/en/invitationRegister?inviterId=2083235 Next, we confirm the e-mail and a prerequisite for obtaining coins Grin and BFtoken is the installation of F2A Authenticator in your account ( KYC is not required, if desired)
  23. Welcome to the Lukki Exchange Bounty Review Dear users, Lukki exchange is running a bounty competition, where everyone can win $125, $50 and $25 in ETH. The point of the competition is to write a review/record a video about LOT token and Lukki exchange based on the information on the website and our Medium and post it on your blog/media/social networks/YouTube. You can do the task in any language; there are no restrictions. The deadline is July 21. Fill in the following form https://forms.gle/6KobXcxYerk1BSQL9 and grab your ETH!
  24. #1 Buy/sell most of gift cards daily ! Ecodes or psyhical - both accepted ! list Amazon gift card Ebay gift card Walmart gift card Target gift card hotels.com gift card Onevanilla Gobank Best buy gift card Google play gift card Vanilla visa prepaid Vanilla reward Walmart visa card Nordstorm gift card Home depot gift card Steam Payments accepted : bitcoin, litecoin, alipay, wu, pm, wmz Rates are reasonable & fast deals - got good rep on other sites and can provide that ! No time wasters ! icq: 698619486 skype: curexineurope WHATSAPP: +37256754660 Telegram: @rjohnny
  25. GOOD DAY , DEAR CUSTOMERS , WE ARE HAPPY TO INTRODUCE YOU OUR SERVICE. Our website is: http://exchange-crypto-currencies.blogspot.com We are here for making good deals with you and for long term. We offer awesome rates and instant exchanges , when is it possible. You can check the rates on our website which is posted here on thread. We support most of e-currencies like: 01. Perfect Money 02. Webmoney 03. Bitcoin 04. MoneyPak 05. Neteller 06. SolidTrustPay 07. Paypal 08. Skrill 09. Payza 10. Egopay 11. Liqpay 12. OkPay 13. Pecunix 14. Litecoin 15. BTC-E Code 16. E-Payments 17. Payoneer 18. Ukash 19. PaySafeCard 20. Western Union 21. Money Gram 22. Bank Wire 23. CashU 24. Amazon 25. HD-Money 26. Payeer 27. eCoin 28. Paxum 29. QiWi 30. Credit Card We have several ways for contact like YAHOO - GMAIL - SKYPE - ICQ - OUTLOOK. Our official website: http://exchange-crypto-currencies.blogspot.com . Contact on Instant Messenger: Yahoo - [email protected] Gtalk - [email protected] Outlook - [email protected] Skype - andreas.exchanger ICQ - 653968632 Website - http://exchange-crypto-currencies.blogspot.com

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