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  • Outsourced Company Representative (Promotion Done 4 You)

    Over 700 companies have added their business here and got up to 50,000 visits from our members. Add your business for freeupgrade to a verified company account, and start promoting your company or hire an outsourced company representative. 

    After you sign up and add your company profile (step 1), upgrade to a verified company (step 2) when ready. Then consider getting an outsourced company representative (promotion service done for you) (current step 3)or advertise (step 4) and show your products and services to our 22K+ potential buyers, investors, advocates, and influencers. 

  • 🔥Top 5 Benefits of Verified Company Accounts

    Maintaining a verified company profile here on Gold Forum and communicating with the community have multiple benefits. To name the most essential five: 

    1. Get the VERIFIED COMPANY✔️ account badge (Example 1, Example 2) so our community will purchase more as you are vetted and trusted;
    2. Your business will be seen by over 22,000 Gold Forum members and 30,000 monthly visitors interested in alternative finance;
    3. Get the OFFICIAL tag for all your product and services threads (Example 1, Example 2) to be seen first on the homepage and all other updates area;
    4. Increase your customer's confidence by showing unbiased, independent service reviews;
    5. You could add your company to our official companies directory for traffic and SEO benefits. 

    However, we understand that you may be busy running a successful business, so you may not have enough time to promote it here. But great news, we can do it for you!

  • 🔥TopGold.Forum Promotion Package - Outsourced Company Representative

    Check below the entire list of tasks we will do in your company name so you can focus on running your business while we promote it for you:

    1. You will get a designated company representative specialist to register an account, configure it and maintain your business profile in good shape in the community. You will receive the login info to log in when you want.
    2. Help you register a verified company account✔️. Also, we will configure your profile to transmit authority and trust and positively represent your business.[Example 1, Example 2]
    3. Add your company name, description, and website to our business directory to get SEO and traffic benefits.
    4. We write, post and maintain official topics for your business, products, and services. One introduction topic for your company [Example 1, Example 2], one topic for the affiliate program (if exists) [Example 1, Example 2], and one for one marketplace item [Example 1, Example 2]. Every thread marked as official receives an average of 800 views every month.
    5. We post at least two updates for your threads every month. We will subscribe to our newsletter and social media accounts for the necessary information. At the moment, we support only communication in English.
    6. The representative will answer basic questions about your service to our users. When there is a complaint or an advanced query, it will forward it to your support department.
    7. Your business will be seen by over 22,000 Gold Forum members interested in alternative finance (crypto, affiliate marketing, online money making) and 11000 new people who visit us every month.
    8. Every 3 months, you will receive a status report (posts, visits, questions, traffic, etc.)
    9. You are in good company. Over 300 medium and large companies upgraded to verified companies✔️
    10. You can close the designated company representative account membership addon anytime and keep your verified account.
  • 🎁Get a Verified Company Account + Outsourced Company Representative

    To officially represent a company, you should acquire a verified company membership. Check all the benefits of a verified company membership here.

  • 💳Our Payment Methods & Accounts

    • BTC: bc1q3x82d6gs9vuz6cyjhurfvu3f83szm943wv3kx0
    • ETH: 0x6a68e2571e9a379028e73bfddbe03e3f9dfb88a1
    • LTC: ltc1qx4g5nl79g5sclw5w82dqucf9n4mtn3r23sktp2
    • USDT: 0x6a68e2571e9a379028e73bfddbe03e3f9dfb88a1 (ETH20, BEP20, OMNI)
    • USDT(TRC20): TYr9G4fEoFw6ri3Py73aoMzKHNCfrDqKU3

    You can pay by Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT) and Bank transfers for larger orders ($2500+). For other payment methods, please get in touch with us.

  • 📧Contact us

    If you want more details about our company representative accounts, or you'd like to get in touch with us, please fill the contact form or email us directly at contact{@}topgoldforum.com, and we will get back to you in max 24h.

    Upgrade to Outsourced Representative

    Last page update: Nov 12, 2023

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