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  • 📡 About Top Gold Forum

    TopGold Forum has been, since 2008, one of the prime online communities for information regarding alternative finance like cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, forex trading, and online money making.

    In this community, you can socialize with like-minded people, share your experiences, advertise your business, seek help, and make friends.

    For over 16 years, we have maintained a safe and SCAM-free place where our members can share, discuss and analyze money-making opportunities without fear of getting SCAMED. 

    One thing that keeps us above the competition is that we regularly do maintenance on the posts and the members, deleting the information that is no longer relevant and the members that have not been active for a couple of years. Also, we maintain a zero-spam policy that suspends users who do not contribute to the community and use it as an advertising wall.

    📜 The History of Top Gold Forum

    In 16 years, a lot has changed in the money-making industry. And we evolved to keep up with the industry and ensure our community members are happy with their TGF membership.

    Top Gold Forum in 2006

    Below is a screenshot of our community's appearance when we started it in 2006.


    This is the first version of TopGold Forum, created in January 2016.

    Top Gold Forum in 2010

    In 2010, we changed from the free software myBB to Invision community, which was more robust and could handle all the traffic and functionalities requested by our members, including login with FB, Twitter, and Google, paid memberships, automatic advertising purchases, etc.


    The next version of Top Gold Forum was adopted in 2010.

    TopGold Forum in 2020

    From 2018 to 2020, we did several comprehensive updates, including changing the central theme to white and adding more sections like digital, affiliate marketing, and marketplace.

    Also, we've added articles and a video section that focuses on trading and financial advice and created special accounts for representatives of the companies. The members' base crossed 40K for the first time, and we've got over 800K posts in the community. 


    Top Gold Forum in 2022

    TopGoldForum offers its members a safe place to find, research, and discuss money-making opportunities. We'll focus more on Gold, Crypto, and affiliate marketing while we still keep an eye on the Forex and stocks markets.


    We create exclusive tutorials, guides, and research that help our members navigate the troubling economic collapse of 2022 and beyond. Also, we invite companies to open official accounts on TGF and keep our members informed.

    📖 Our Mission & Vission

    The mission at TopGold.Forum is to grow a community of like-minded people worldwide who make money as a TEAM. We learn and earn together! 

    Helping Money Makers build Passive/Residual Income is what we live for!

    👑 About Dennis - TGF Admin

    Dennis has been the founder and administrator of TopGold Forum since its inception in 2006. He helped hundreds of individuals to make money online and start digital businesses.

    His areas of expertise are Online Business Consulting, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and metals trading. You may contact him using this link.

    📧 Important links

    Here are several of the most important links that help you learn and earn here on TGF:

    Thank you for reading more about us,

    Last update of the page: 03.17.2024

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