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Will you invest in GOLD in 2022?

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Investing in GOLD  

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  1. 1. Do you consider purchasing more Gold this year?

    • No
    • Yes - buying hard gold (jewlerry, coins, bars)
    • Yes - buying/trading Gold positions using a markets broker
    • Yes - buying or trading Gold using crypto (PaxGold)
    • Don't know yet

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  • Root Admin

New contest guys and gals,

How to participate

  1. Vote in the poll attached to this post if you will or will not consider investing, buying, or trading GOLD this year. All answers are perfectly fine, including no. We just want to know how people see GOLD investments.
  2. Tell us in the comments the price of one ounce of Gold that you think will be at market closing, in one month from now on, on April 22, 2022 (Friday). For instance, now it is $1927. You can use our Gold Price chart. Feel free to add your other thoughts regarding Gold. Keep in mind that your price prediction will not influence the drawing.

If you don't do both you will not qualify for the prize drawing.


  • 1st place $20 in PaxGold, PayPal, or LTC
  • 2nd place $15 in PaxGold, PayPal, or LTC
  • 3rd place $10 in PaxGold, PayPal, or LTC
  • SPECIAL PRIZE OF $15 in PaxGold, PayPal or LTC for the member with the best prediction.

Contest rules

  • The contest will end in one month on April 21, 2022 at midnight. The winners for the 1-3 prizes will be picked on April 23, 2022, by using a random generator from all the entries to date while the special prize will be offered using the formula below.
  • Only one entry per username and don't forget: Money won is twice as sweet as money earned 🙂
  • You can not edit your entry. If you do you're disqualified.


  • Example 1: Let's say that the price of gold on April 22 at midnight will be 2000 USD and a user predicted on March 22 that will be 1970 USD  He will have the following score: 2x31 - (2000-1970) = 63 - 30 = 33 points.
  • Example 2: Another user predicted on March 30 that the price will be $2020. He will get the following score: 2x23 - (2020-2000) = 46 - 20 = 26 points.
  • Example 3: Another user predicted on April 20 that the price will be $2010. He will get the following score: 2x1 -(10) = -8 points
  • Example 4: Another user predicted on last day, April 21 that the price will be 2002. He will get the following score: 2x1 - 2 = 0 points.

The person with the most points will win the special prize

Good luck

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  • Root Admin
18 minutes ago, hattjons said:

The price of gold is constantly falling, so it is simply unprofitable to invest in gold.

The price of gold goes up and downs like all other commodities or trading instruments. In times of high inflation and crises gold tens to go up.


If you want to participate in the contest don't forget to cast your prediction for April 22, 2020.

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  • Root Admin

Short update: I've changed the rules of calculation for the gold prediction contest my changing the multiplier of days from 3x to only 2x. I figured out it will be too disproportionate if it will remain at 3X. This is the last change, I promise.

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