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Trading Hours Schedule for 2021 Thanksgiving Day


Dear Traders,

Please be aware of the trading schedule changes for the 2021 Thanksgiving Day, November 25-26 (times given are GMT+2):

Thursday, November 25

Metal CFDs:

  • XAUUSD (GOLD vs. US dollar) — trading ends at 20:00
  • XAGUSD (SILVER vs. US dollar) — trading ends at 20:00

Commodities CFD:

  • XBRUSD (UK Brent) — trading ends at 19:45
  • XTIUSD (US Crude) — trading ends at 19:45
  • XNGUSD (US Natural Gas) — trading ends at 19:45


  • #J225 (Japan 225) — trading ends at 20:00
  • #SPXm (US SPX 500 (Mini)) — trading ends at 20:00
  • #NDXm (US Tech 100 (Mini)) — trading ends at 20:00
  • #WS30m (Wall Street 30 (Mini)) — trading ends at 20:00

Stock CFDs: trading closed.

Friday, November 26th, 2021

Metal CFDs:

  • XAUUSD (GOLD vs. US dollar) — trading ends at 20:45
  • XAGUSD (SILVER vs. US dollar) — trading ends at 20:45

Commodities CFD:

  • XBRUSD (UK Brent) — trading ends at 20:30
  • XTIUSD (US Crude) — trading ends at 20:30
  • XNGUSD (US Natural Gas) — trading ends at 20:30


  • #J225 (Japan 225) — trading ends at 20:15
  • #SPXm (US SPX 500 (Mini)) — trading ends at 20:15
  • #NDXm (US Tech 100 (Mini)) — trading ends at 20:15
  • #WS30m (Wall Street 30 (Mini)) — trading ends at 20:15

Stock CFD: trading ends at 20:00.

All other financial instruments will be traded as usual.

Please consider this information when planning your trading for the upcoming week.

FXOpen Company News

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Invest at FXOpen


FXOpen offers several options for investors. The options are listed below:

- Myfxbook Auto Trade

These options give our clients an edge to trade in this highly lucrative market even without spending their own time in online trading. 

For more information, please visit www.fxopen.com

FXOpen team

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Has Rivian's stock gained your attention, too? You can now trade it on TickTrader with FXOpen

Today, our focus is on Rivian, the Irvine-based rapidly growing electric vehicle company whose stock is gaining major investor attention. Interested in trading RIVN? It's now available on TickTrader.

Rivian Doubles in Price In Less Than One Week Since Its IPO

Rivian (NASDAQ:RIVN) is an electric vehicle startup backed by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. It listed its shares last week on NASDAQ at an IPO (initial public offering) price of $78. To the surprise of many market participants, the stock price has doubled in just one week since then, trading close to $170/share, resulting in a market capitalization larger than that of some well-established companies such as Volkswagen.

Investors still bet big on renewable energy solutions, as many governments in the developed world plan to phase out the combustion engine in the next decade or so. As such, electric vehicle companies have surged on the world's stock exchanges, even though they are not manufacturing that many vehicles.
Take Rivian — founded in 2009, it currently employs about 6,000 people. In the first trading week, the stock market performance propelled the company above Ford's market capitalization, despite Ford employing 178,000 people and delivering far more cars.

Watch Rivian Stocl ChAdd a TickTrader Account

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Trade with the broker who always has your back


Tight pricing and consistent execution.

We give you the ultimate set of tools for analysing financial markets and more effective trading.

We are working with more than 15 liquidity providers, including the world's leading financial institutions - Bank of America, Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan and others.

Our partner network ensures excellent reliability and comfortable trading experience. Higher liquidity is desirable for everyone, and we believe that with our approach traders can achieve the most beneficial results.



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Spreads Comparison

FXOpen offers competitive spreads for each account type. FXOpen STP accounts offer tight spread, while ECN accounts offer raw spreads.


Please visit our official website and gets latest updates about each account types.


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Announcing Winners of Money Managers Forex Contest

On November 28th, 2021, FXOpen ended its Money Managers contest where real Forex PAMM accounts competed against each other.

A sole participant emerged victorious, having met all the conditions:

1stplace and the $5,000 prize go to GSV!

The prize money will be added to the winner’s Master account under the Master Offer Performance Fee parameter equal to 50%.

We sincerely congratulate the winner and wish them further success in trading.

Please note that PAMM account managers are not allowed to conceal from investors such account statistics as equity, drawdown, exposure level, or completed trades; this data must always be accessible for viewing.

The Money Managers contest is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your trading skills with real PAMM accounts. Within a specified timeframe, participants can deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts, accept investments, create new offers, use any strategies, Expert Advisors, and robots.

And, finally, the Money Managers contest is a perfect chance to get recognition for your PAMM account among potential followers.

Visit our website for more details on how the FXOpen PAMM service works, and follow the contest thread for updates.

FXOpen Company News



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Overview of FXOpen's Best-performing PAMM Accounts in November 2021

FXOpen’s TOP-10 November 2021 PAMM Accounts

It’s the beginning of the winter season, and, with less than a month left before the long-awaited holidays, every investor’s goal is to make sound, profitable, low-drawdown investments. It is also high time we summarized FXOpen PAMM accounts November results, so we bring to your attention our most attractive PAMM providers. Feel free to monitor their activity and add them to your investment portfolio.

Before we start, here are some numbers: as of the beginning of December, 148 PAMM-provider accounts on the FXOpen platform have accumulated 3,229,379.00 USD in investment capital.

Read Full on FXOpen Company News...


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Commission-free trading until 31st December: A Christmas gift from FXOpen

Up until December 31st*, FXOpen clients will be able to enjoy commission-free trading on all their shares and indices trades as soon as their net deposit goes over $2,000/€2,000/£2,000.
All they have to do to activate the promotion is to contact our Customer Support team right after their deposit is made.

Are you already a client? Here is a reminder on how to fund your account: Log into the My FXOpen area >> select Add Funds.

Fund your account now! Or find out more here.

We at FXOpen hope to make this holiday season extra enjoyable and gainful. Don’t miss your chance to save on your trading costs when trading with FXOpen!

FXOpen Company News

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New Money Managers Contest

FXOpen invites traders to participate in the Money Managers Contest involving real and active PAMM accounts. Don’t miss your chance to win a big money prize out of the 10,000 USD pool! The Contest starts on January 3, 2022. Registration will be open for the next 2 months, starting from today, and expires on February 28, 2022.

You are most welcome to join and test your skills as a talented PAMM Master!


Read Full on FXOpen Company News...

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FXOpen is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Traders and Partners,

As 2021 draws to a close, FXOpen would like to take this opportunity to wish happiness and prosperity to you and your family, as well as continued success in your trading for 2022.

Let us state the obvious: 2021 was a rough year for many. But we believe these challenges have made us tougher, more resilient, and thoughtful in our decision-making as individuals — which are integral and vital traits for any trader.

As your trusted partner in trading, we will strive to live up to our excellent reputation and continue creating the safest and best possible trading conditions for you, with spreads from 0.0 pips, low commissions and ultra fast execution.

Finally, don’t forget about our special Christmas offer to you: trade commission-free for the rest of December*.

Here’s to a brighter 2022!

*Terms and conditions apply

FXOpen Company News

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Dear FTC participants and followers!


We are happy to announce that FTC 2021 has successfully reached the closing day, and we are ready to present to you the list of winners. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the championship or just followed the news. A circle of followers has already formed around the championship, and some top-performing participants have shared their experience and knowledge in interviews. These are exactly the objectives we pursued when we founded the ForexCup Trading Championship.


  1. Emirhan Goren, Turkey. The final gain — 1091.15%. The prize: a commemorative Crystal trophy, $50,000.
  2. Prieur Du Plessis, Slovenia. The final gain — 185.37%. The prize: a commemorative Crystal trophy.
  3. Eduardo Soares Bogosian, Brazil. The final gain — 61.74%. The prize: a commemorative Crystal trophy.

We congratulate the winners and thank all contestants for their participation. Please stay tuned for an interview with the first-place winner. We also remind you that registration for FTC 2022 is now open. Enroll and compete with the best!


Best Regards,

ForexCup Team


ForexCup News

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Become a Forex Affiliate Marketer with FXOpen

What Is Forex Affiliate Marketing?

A Forex affiliate program represents the way the broker markets its offering to retail traders. For every introduced trader, active trader, the affiliate earns a commission from the broker.
Effectively, the successful affiliate becomes a Forex partner to the broker. Also, the brokerage house shares part of its profits with the successful affiliate.

Basically, three types of Forex affiliate programs predominate:

  1. Forex Affiliate
  2. Forex Introducing Broker (IB)
  3. White Label Partnership

We offer high commissions and multilevel partnership to partners who attracts a lot of Forex leads. We help you to create your own Forex business.

Please Read the Full Details about FXOpen Affiliate Program Here.


FXOpen Affiliate

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Changes to FXOpen Trading Hours on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dear Traders,

Please be aware of the trading schedule changes on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day (all times are GMT+2):

Monday, January 17

Spot commodities CFD:

  • Gold (XAUUSD) – trading ends at 21:30;
  • Silver (XAGUSD) – trading ends at 21:30;

Indices CFD:

  • Japan 225 (#J225) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US SPX 500 (#SPXm) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • US Tech 100 (#NDXm) – trading ends at 20:00;
  • Wall Street 30 (#WS30m) – trading ends at 20:00.

Stock CFD – trading closed.

All other financial instruments will be traded as usual.

Please consider this information as you plan your trading for the upcoming week.

FXOpen Company News

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ForexCup Trading Championship 2022, a contest for traders to win $50,000

We are pleased to announce that registration for the ForexCup Trading Championship 2022 is now open, with participation requirements remaining unchanged (see paragraph 2 of Terms and Conditions). Three contestants have already enrolled in the new FTC round. Fransiska Selbie from the United Kingdom joined ForexCup Trading Championship 2022 on December 14, Eduardo Soares Bogosian, and Horbert Soares Mendonca (both from Brazil) enrolled on December 15, 2021.


Mrs. Selbie, Mr. Eduardo and Mr. Mendonca are seasoned traders with more than 8 years of experience. We wish them a successful and confident performance and recommend that all future participants and followers stay tuned for timely news on the new stage of the championship.

The ForexCup Trading Championship is a one-of-a-kind contest designed to engage investors, traders, and portfolio managers in fair and reliable global competition. For an entire year, participants will compete for the title of the best and for a hefty cash prize of 50,000 U.S. dollars, which will go to whoever demonstrates the most profit at the end of the year 2022.

  •    The contest is available to anyone who has an active FXOpen ECN account. The only requirement is to have a minimum trading deposit and follow the contest rules.
  •     Participants can choose any instruments available within their jurisdictions: spot FX, Index, Commodity, Stock, Metal or Crypto CFDs.
  •     Three personalized crystal trophies are prepared for the first three places, and the trader who takes the first place will receive a cash prize of $50,000 without any additional conditions.

Forex Trading Championship is a brand-new name among other trading competitions, but it has a big legacy. With the support of renowned partners, including global Forex and ECN broker FXOpen, the championship provides an opportunity for you to compete with the best and put your trading strategies to the test!


ForexCup team


ForexCup News




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Overview of FXOpen's Best Performing PAMM Accounts in December 2021

FXOpen’s TOP-10 December 2021 PAMM Accounts

We at Team FXOpen hope that all our traders, managers, and investors had a great winter holiday season, and would once again like to wish everyone happiness and prosperity, as well as further success in your trading and investments.

The end-of-the-year / start-of-the-year transition period tends to be rather difficult for the market. Even professionals are prone to  making mistakes. And, of course, any investor is interested in finding a manager who, even within a thin market, will be able to maintain stability in trading and bring profit to their subscribers. Such accounts can ensure the stability of the investment portfolio minimizing loss risks.

Read Full on FXOpen Company Blog...

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FXOpen Leads the Way Into 2022 With 33 New Ultra-Modern ETF CFDs

A new year is upon us, and the ever-evolving nature of the electronic derivatives trading market is in full swing.

As a committed broker in providing you, our valued traders, with an extensive product range, FXOpen is delighted to announce the launch of 33 comprehensive ETFs which range from technologically advanced innovators in automation and robotics, automotive battery technology, to minerals and mining companies, and the traditional and alternative energy sectors.

The newly available funds, which are now accessible via TickTrader, our highly acclaimed platform, offer our traders the opportunity to invest in the prices of these 33 ETFs.

Start trading ETF CFDs with FXOpen

In order to maximize market opportunity, FXOpen is offering these new ETFs with a leverage ratio of 1:5, which is identical to that offered to our stock CFD traders. This means that you, our loyal clients, can now trade ETFs in the form of CFDs which facilitates investment in the prices of these cutting edge instruments.

Gary Thomson, Chief Operating Officer at FXOpen UK, commented on the development: "It is essential that FXOpen continues to provide a fully comprehensive product range to our discerning clients who are increasingly looking for interesting funds to trade. We are committed to ensuring that all of our valued clients are able to access a multi-asset portfolio of up-to-the-minute products and be able to trade them via our world renowned platform which offers class leading execution. To stay ahead of the game, ETFs that focus on current technology and physical products are an essential part of a modern trading environment."

Interested in trading ETF CFDs with FXOpen? Open and fund an account with us today.

Trade ETF CFDs with FXOpen

FXOpen Company News

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