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Found 3 results

  1. A card swipe machine is a device that enables customers to swipe the magnetic stripe of a credit card into a slot and, at times, to enter a personal identification number (PIN) for confirmation. So what is the need for card swipe machine for your business? Can we get those POS terminals for rental basis? Of course yes! There are several card swipe machine models that serve different purposes, such as the card swipe machine for sale, the card swipe machine for rent, and the card swipe machine for buying. Card swipe is just one of the common payment processing devices that are used at POS. Other tools include the magnetic stripe card swipe, Point-of-Sale terminal, a barcode scanner, and so on. So why it is important? As technology progress and becomes more and more convenient, means and modes of payment also grow. When you manage a business, you understand that you need to equip yourself with the most advanced kinds of devices and incorporate advanced payment collection methods. A magnetic card reader is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in the traditional business world. Card swiping, or card reading, is an uncomplicated way for businesses to accept payments. In today's time, contactless payments are becoming popular but going by the statistics globally, every person takes at least one card with them at all times because card payments are accepted throughout. Some people still believe the swipe method is succinct old-fashioned but the modern argument for using the old-fashioned swipe machine is that it's the most comfortable and it's what people are used to. Please let me know if you are also using card swipe machine for your growing business and what all are benefits you are getting after setting up card swipe machine
  2. Brief introduction : the main problem with the network is scalability: the blockchain is overloaded, transactions are slowed down and the cost of "gas" (transaction fees) is increasing. If the consensus algorithm is not updated, the network will one day no longer work. To avoid this, developers have been working for several years to move the network from the PoW algorithm to the state 2.0, running on PoS. This should make the network more scalable, faster and cheaper. In May 2020, another unique and by far the best installer on the market was launched in the network, Yoda X Bot with the possibility of stacking - the first users have already earned 1%. In the PoS algorithm, which is not mined, but validated by delegating coins from the user network to the masterminds. During the delegation, these coins are frozen, and users receive part of the reward for providing their funds for block validation. This is a stacking - such a crypto analogue of a bank deposit. There are several types of stacking: with dividend income or skillfulness, but in all of them the important thing is not the power of the device, as in PoW algorithms, but the number of miner coins. The more coins you have, the higher your income. For crypto investors, stacking is an opportunity to earn passive income from blocked coins. So let's look at Yoda X Bot and what can he do? โ € Provides YodaBot partners with earnings of 21% to 30% per month at YODA Coin Stacking every month. All of this is possible thanks to an increase in the stacking ratio. โ € Daily profit withdrawal โ € Referral charges We have an affiliate program with earnings up to 20% in 20 lines (with no limit on the number of partners in each line). Bonus Get % from collective stacking is possible already from 50 coins. (The affiliate program opens with a deposit of 50 YODA. This amount is also the minimum amount to be deposited in a stacking). When applied to a stacking - % per day from 50 to 10,000 YODA - 0.7%. 10,000 to 50,000 YODA - 0.8% between 50,000 and 100,000 YODA - 0.9% from 100,000 YODA - 1% How do we get the coins out? You can withdraw your mined coins every day or reinvest them in a further collective stacking - thus increasing your income. Technical specification: Algorithm :PoS Block size: 2 MB Block time: 60 seconds (Focus each block) Key features: Specialized access control battery system Right to SwiftX 1 lockout confirmation and 6 lockout confirmations for three for spending. Collateral is held in 15 blocks. The YODA X network is a two-level network. The network consists of the first level - stacking, in which all YODA X holders can participate in stacking from 100 YODA X and the second level - master node. โ € #YodaXEmpire #yodax #cryptoyodax #Saleyodax #Buyyodax #Dreamteam #Yodax #Dreamteamleaders
  3. ======================================================== Litecoin Plus Secure, Faster and Sustainable Ecosystem Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Linkedin | GitHub | Discord | Block Explorer ======================================================== What is Litecoin Plus(LCP)? Founded in 2014 and initially developed as a Scrypt PoS coin, LitecoinPlus (LCP) effectively iterates on Litecoin's robust foundations with a host of important functional enhancements, enabling to focus on both security and sustainability of the ecosystem. The decision to use PoS, which is intrinsically a green algorithm (i.e. computationally not intensive), serves to future-proof the coin against debilitating energy requirements inherent in mass adopted PoW coins such as Bitcoin. LCP was subsequently upgraded to a PoW/PoS hybrid, bolstering resistance to attack compared to coins that utilize PoW or PoS exclusively as well as empowering users with flexibility in how new coins are minted. Low coin supply and healthy ratio of outstanding to total supply position LCP favorably with respect to long-term stability and ultimately as a viable next-generation commodity and store of value. WHY LITECOIN PLUS? PRICE โ‚ฟ: 0.00000599 $: 0.04 Marketcap: $75973.0 SUPPLY Total Supply: 4000000 LCP Max. Supply: 1893862 LCP STORE OF VALUE Due to the low max coin supply (4.000.000 coins), LCP is considered a commodity, and a valuable storage for wealth. FASTER TRANSACTION With new block every 30 seconds, transactions are confirmed within seconds. MINING Hashing Algorithm Scrypt Block Time: 30 seconds PoW Reward: 1.75 LCP PoS Reward: 15% LCP Difficulty Retarget: 1 block PORTS AND PEER LIST Hashing Algorithm Scrypt Block Time: 30 seconds PoW Reward: 1.75 LCP PoS Reward: 15% LCP Difficulty Retarget: 1 block PORTS AND PEER LIST addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Special invite to our For More Information and Upcoming Updates LCP SPECIFICATION DOWNLOADS WINDOWS WALLET BOOTSTRAP MAC OS WALLET SOURCE MINING POOLS 1. COINCAVE 2. ZERGPOOL 3. MINELCP 4. MINING-DUTCH 5. MYALTCOINMINING EXCHANGE

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