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Risk Payment Blocking on Facebook: What is it, how can you avoid it, and 
how can you extend the life of your account?

What can trigger Facebook to trigger a risk payment block and how to avoid it? Here’s 
the story of Jonh, a store owner who entered his payment information but mistakenly 
provided an old credit card number that's no longer active. This discrepancy triggers a 
Risk Payment block because Facebook detects the information as inaccurate, highlighting 
the importance of ensuring all payment details are current and correct. 

Then there's Casey, who manages a boutique clothing store. In an effort to clear out last 
season's inventory, Casey decides to significantly increase her advertising budget 
overnight, from a consistent spending of around $200 per month to $2,000 in a single 
Such an abrupt change alerts Facebook's monitoring systems to potential fraud or stolen 
credit card usage, resulting in a temporary block of her account for suspicious activity. 

How to avoid these situations for your own campaigns?

Risk Payment Blocking on Facebook can occur when the social network detects potential 
risks associated with payments. Below you will find a sample list of reasons why your 
account may be blocked:

  • Incorrect Payment Details: when payment details, such as card or bank account 
    details, are incorrect.
  • Any suspicious or unusual activity related to financial transactions This may 
    also include multiple failed payment attempts and frequent changes in payment 
    methods. Other issues like financial transaction errors, such as incorrect 
    transactions, overpayments, or insufficient funds in the account, may also result 
    in a freeze.
  • Payment fraud and violations of Facebook's platform policies, including 
    advertising and behavioral guidelines

Keep in mind that while this list provides common reasons, any suspicious activity 
related to payments on your account may result in a Risk Payment block. If this occurs, 
please contact Facebook Support to regain access to your account and resolve the 
reasons for the block.

How to avoid being blocked by Risk Payment?

  • When creating a Facebook advertising account, ensure that you provide 
    accurate and valid information, including your payment card details.
  • Regularly update your payment information to avoid issues with incorrect or 
    outdated card details.
  • Monitor your financial transactions and promptly notify management of 
    any discrepancies.
  • You should be careful when using payment information in your account to 
    avoid fraud and abusive transactions.

How can you extend the life of your account?

  • Follow the rules for using Facebook and the advertising platform to avoid 
    violations that could result in account blocking.
  • Keep your account active. Update content regularly and interact with your 
  • Diversify the types and formats of your Facebook ad campaigns to keep 
    your audience interested and avoid source monotony.

By following these tips, you can avoid being locked out of Risk Payment on 
Facebook. Moreover, you can extend the lifespan of your account by ensuring 
its security and compliance with the platform's terms of use.

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How to calculate the budget for Facebook ads?

When planning your Facebook advertising budget, several key factors come into play. 
You need to consider the audience you're targeting, your campaign's objectives, and 
the competitive landscape of your industry. Here's a streamlined approach to get you 

  • Determine the goals of the ad campaign: increase sales, raise brand awareness, 
    attract new customers, etc.
  • Understand your audience: Dive into your target audience's online behavior. 
    This insight helps pinpoint the number of people you aim to reach and identifies 
    the groups most relevant to your campaign.
  • Choose your ad format: Facebook offers a lot of ad formats, including options 
    like photo and video ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads for showcasing products 
    from your catalog, and even ads that run on Instagram or through Messenger. 
    Selecting the right format is critical for aligning with your campaign's aims.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs): Decide on the metrics that will 
    guide you in assessing your campaign's success, such as conversion rates, 
    click-through rates (CTR), and return on investment (ROI). Predict possible 
    outcomes, like sales or lead generation, and weigh them against your 
    budget to ensure cost-effectiveness.
  • Budget Calculation: Utilize tools like Facebook Ads Manager to monitor your 
    campaign's performance. A good approach to take is taking the percent of 
    revenue approach, where you allocate a portion of your income to advertising. 
    For instance, if you're setting aside 10% of a monthly income of $5000, your 
    ad budget would be $500.
  • Understand Cost Per Click or Impression: Familiarize yourself with the costs 
    involved, such as CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Mille, i.e., cost per 
    thousand impressions). Estimate these costs based on your ad's nature, 
    campaign goals, audience, and the competitive environment.
  • Test & Optimize. Set a budget for the entire ad campaign or for individual 
    ads. It is recommended to start with a small amount and gradually increase 
    the budget based on the results.

You can optimize your budget through constant analysis and testing. This allows 
you to maximize the benefits of promoting your business through Facebook 

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Why is it profitable to top up a virtual card with cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency virtual card enables payments, purchases, and transactions using
digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies instead of traditional
fiat money.
Here are the reasons why you should top up your virtual card with cryptocurrency:

  • Topping up a virtual card with cryptocurrency is typically fast and hassle-free.
    There is no need to wait for transaction verification through banks or payment
    systems, making the process instant and convenient.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions offer users a high level of anonymity, while
    blockchain and encryption technologies ensure transaction security, increasing
    the protection of personal information.
  • Virtual card transactions in cryptocurrency allow users to bypass restrictions and
    associated with conventional bank cards. This is particularly useful for
    users living in countries with strict banking restrictions.
  • By topping up a virtual card with cryptocurrency, the user is investing in digital
    , which can bring additional benefits due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrencies provide global opportunities for cross-border payments
    without the need to convert currencies. This is particularly beneficial for
    international transactions, as the use of cryptocurrencies can save time and money.  
  • In some cases, using cryptocurrency to top up a virtual card has lower fees than
    traditional funding methods, so you can save money. 
  • Virtual cards enable the exchange of cryptocurrency for traditional currencies
    such as USD and EUR, facilitating the use of digital assets for payments and

Virtual cryptocurrency cards offer convenience for everyday financial transactions
and expand the possibilities of using digital assets.
 Despite the risks associated with
the volatile cryptocurrency market, this payment method is beneficial. It is an innovative
solution that expands the possibilities of cryptocurrency as an alternative form of payment
beyond traditional bank cards. Cryptocurrency payments made with virtual cards are
secure, anonymous, and can save time and money while also providing new investment

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Overview of the LeadingCards dashboard: useful features  

LeadingCards is a user-friendly platform for issuing cards and processing
payments. The interface is designed to provide everything you need.Even
first-time virtual card users can easily navigate the platform, while experienced
users can take advantage of a range of advanced customizations. Let's take a
closer look at them. 

High-yield features of the LeadingCards Dashboard

After signing up, you can easily top up your LeadingCards account, choose
your preferred GEO and card issuing platform, receive a premium promotional
card, and start shopping - all from a single dashboard.

Let's take a look at what's available in the Control Panel: 

  • There are several ways to add funds to the card. You can top up in USDT
    TRC20, USDT ERC20, BTC and via bank transfer. 
  • Access to any number of cards at any time. Order processing and card
    provision are available 24/7, regardless of time zone. Each campaign can
    be assigned a dedicated card. 
  • Order cards that are suitable for various platforms. These platforms include
    Facebook, Google, Twitter, Taboola, and other popular traffic sources. All
    cards are provided by trusted banks, and in total - 12 issuers. 
  • Order cards in multiple currencies. These currencies are dollars, euros, and
    pounds sterling. The option to choose the currency that best suits your
    campaign budget and GEO eliminates the need for currency conversion,
    making management easier. 
  • Order cards for different GEOs. This allows affiliates to drive traffic to
    offers in different countries, scale ad campaigns, and test regions
  • Set an expiration date for the card that corresponds to the end of the
    Additionally, you can establish a budget limit to prevent
  • Maximum level of security. Leading Cards addresses the challenge of
    protecting your funds with its 24/7 anti-fraud team, which ensures the safety
    of your financial transactions by constantly monitoring and protecting them
    from fraudulent activity. 


The LeadingCards dashboard has a smart design and a user-centric approach.
Its ease of use is especially valuable in time-sensitive areas, as it can significantly
improve campaign management effectiveness. The interface simplifies card
issuance and enhances the user experience, ensuring that users can manage
cards with minimal hassle. 

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Taboola: A brief overview of the ad network and why it's ideal for affiliates.

Today, we will discuss a highly effective traffic source suitable for many verticals:
the Taboola advertising network. This network provides access to large volumes
of quality traffic from Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries.

Features and benefits of Taboola for traffic arbitrage

Taboola is an international native advertising network created in 2007 and is one
of the top networks on the market. It supports various ad formats, such as teasers,
banners, video ads, In-App, and native In-Feed ads. The primary advantage is that
all ads are native, meaning they are seamlessly integrated into the content. 

Taboola partners with over 3,500 premium themed sites, including Bloomberg,
Business Insider, and ThisIsMoney. All the websites are selected carefully
according to their traffic quality and relevance. . The creatives blend seamlessly with
the site's content, increasing the number of conversions and leads compared to
conventional advertising networks. 

Taboola algorithms analyze user behavior and key queries to place advertising in
areas of the site where users are most receptive to new information. They analyze
which parameters people are using to view ads and take more targeted actions.
For instance, this may be after they have finished reading an article. 

The users who view the ads on the websites are residents of the United States,
Canada, and Europe. Taboola is an ideal platform for promoting high-cost offers
due to its ability to generate high-quality, expensive leads. 

Taboola supports CPM, CPC, and CPV payment models. Accounts can be funded
using LeadingCards virtual cards. The minimum budget for entry is $2,000. 

Taboola only accepts white-labeled offers. It is well-suited for: 

  • white offers; 
  • white nutra; 
  • mainstream acting; 
  • finance and ICOs; 
  • educational; 
  • travel-offers; 
  • HR; 
  • B2B; 
  • apps and utilities; 
  • mobile and browser games.  

To pass moderation, a creative must provide accurate information and have a
high-quality design. 



Taboola offers excellent support services, with staff available for consultation
via email and phone. The website also has detailed educational content that helps
you get started. 


Taboola is a great source of traffic for affiliates who specialize in white offers.
This ad network provides detailed targeting settings, access to premium solvent
audiences, and the opportunity to receive high-quality traffic and profits. Taboola
can be funded using our LeadingCards, which are highly trusted for this source.

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Where can you find reliable pre-made Facebook and Google accounts, and how
do you choose a trustworthy account store?

In affiliate marketing, a steady stream of accounts is essential. Pre-made
accounts are necessary for launching and testing multiple advertising campaigns
in various regions. However, Facebook does not permit having multiple accounts.
Read this article to find out where to get social media accounts and what to look
for when choosing a store.

Where can you find good accounts?

It is crucial to purchase accounts from trustworthy sources and stores with a
good reputation. Novices often make the mistake of searching for 'buy cheap
accounts' when they need an account quickly and purchasing from the first store
they come across. If they are fortunate, the first store they find is good. However,
more often than not, the opposite occurs, and the purchased account does not
work because it was resold to other people, resulting in wasted money.    

Many webmasters rely on popular account stores. You can find out about these
stores through forums, case studies, or by communicating with colleagues. 

While these stores are generally trustworthy, there is still a risk of purchased
accounts being banned. So it is important to choose a reputable store that
offers a replacement guarantee. 

How to choose an account store?

When choosing a store, consider the following key factors: 

  • The length of time the company has been on the market. Although this is not the
    most important factor, if the company has been on the market for many years
    and has not opened yesterday, this is a good sign.
  • Reviews, mentions in reviews, reputation. It is necessary to analyze how
    frequently the store is mentioned in affiliate marketing media and forums, as
    well as the comments on review sites. 
  • Simple registration. As accounts are needed quickly, the registration process
    should be easy. 
  • Clear navigation and flexible filters. The filters should allow you to quickly find
    the accounts you need without wasting time searching the entire store site. 
  • Detailed information about the products. The account should be described in
    detail, including its features and benefits. If the information provided is too
    general, it could be a reason to choose a different store. 
  • Professional support. It is worthwhile to test the support team's work by
    asking questions through chat or tickets and evaluating their response time,
    responsiveness, and communication tone. 
  • Convenient payment methods. The store should support payment methods
    that are familiar to you. For instance, these stores include LeadingCards,
    Useviral, SidesMedia, Growthoid, and others.  


You can save time and money by being careful when choosing an account
The internet is rife with scammers who sell autoregistered accounts as
premium ones. A reputable store values its reputation and verifies the sellers who
offer their goods. Therefore, when making a choice, it is important to consider all
the criteria and make an informed decision. 

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