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  • kriptopoulin changed the title to Eur/USD going down day by day
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Well, this is another BIG one that I let slip away.

By right, price is at the 'D' and at the Demand Zone . It was the right time to BUY.

Again, I hesitated and missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to reap the FULL profit.

Price had moved UP very quickly and very likely it would moved back down a bit. I anticipate down to 1.0530. Then it should be the CPI report next Thursday that will decide everything.

But looking at the 10y03m, it should be decent to say the MARKET is really anticipating a PIVOT soon.

Good luck and have a nice weekend.

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Hey traders,

EURUSD is trading in a global bearish trend.
Even though we see a sharp bullish movement from September, for now, it is considered to be a correctional movement
within a major bearish impulse.

The price is currently approaching a solid weekly supply zone.
1.073 - 1.082 is the area from where the next bearish wave may intiate.

Watch that structure carefully and look for shorting opportunities from there.

❤️If you have any questions, please, ask me in the comment section.
Please, support my work with like, thank you!❤️

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EURUSD broke out of the ascending channel and it is testing the resistance zone and dynamic resistance (trendline).

The market overall is consolidating because, price action is printing HHs and LLs, indicating indecision in the market.

We expect a bearish move.

❤️Share your opinion in the comments and support the idea with a like. Thanks for your support!❤️

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EURUSD is close to the first and strongest resistance structure zone.

Currently, we have two factors that stopped the price near 1.0770.
The fist one is the structure and the second one is the Inflation numbers
that will be shared on Thursday.

So both stopped the price to rise further.

If the price will manage to break through 1.0770 than the next target
zone will be 1.1150.

So let's see what the CPI data and Powell's speech will bring us this time.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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The EURUSD pair is on a very strong Resistance juncture. On the 4H time-frame, the technicals are highly overbought ( RSI = 70.959, MACD = 30.330, ADX = 35.204) and the RSI in particular hasn't been that overbought since October 26th 2022, which was a short-term top at the time leading to a pull-back.

The main pattern is a Bullish Megaphone with upside potential still but the shorter patterns show a Higher Highs (HH) hit and an Aggressive Rising Wedge that need correction.

If the price breaks below the Wedge , we anticipate at least a direct hit on the 4H MA200, if not the 1D MA50, which is headed for the bottom of the Bullish Megaphone. The upside target is 1.09360, the High of April 21st 2022.
Comments and likes are greatly appreciated.

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What a bullish week for EURUSD:
the market broke and closed above 1.07 - 1.074 resistance.
The broken structure turned into support from where we saw a bullish continuation.

I believe that the next goal for buyers will be 1.10919
The market will most likely reach that structure next week.

❤️If you have any questions, please, ask me in the comment section.
Please, support my work with like, thank you!❤️

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Hi traders, today we will have a look at #EURUSD

Building up on my previous idea on the EURUSD , you can see the market broke its structure support level and 4h structure support zone after the wild surprise from the NFP report.

Now the EURUSD is moving lower and it wanted to test a lower support level and strong support zone near the key market level of 1.07000, which will be a very good level to look for a buy entry.

Since the trend is to the upside we are looking for a trend continuation pattern like a double bottom at trend line support near the structure support zone for example

if the market keeps on falling and breaks support, then this idea is not valid anymore, and there is another spot to also look for a buy but I will post it in another post, stay tuned

Thanks for your continued support!

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The EURUSD pair has suffered a more than -2% decline in the past two days following the NFP report on Friday. The price broke below the 4H MA50 (blue trend-line) and is marginally above the 4H MA200 ( orange trend-line). This level hasn't been reached in a month (January 06). The majojor Support of this long-term uptrend however is the 1D MA50 (yellow trend-line), which has been untouched since November 04 2022.

The long-term pattern is a Channel Up and the Fibonacci retracement levels help at identifying Support/ Resistance levels. Our strategy is to sell below the 4H MA200 and target the 1D MA50 - Support Zone 1 Cluster on the short-term. Sell extension only if the price breaks below the Channel Up and target Support Zone 2.

As long as the 4H MA200 holds, a short-term rebound may be materialized towards the 4H MA50. However we are willing to buy only above the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level, targeting the 0.786 Fibonacci.

Please LIKE 👍, FOLLOW , SHARE 🙌 and COMMENT ✍ if you enjoy this idea! Also share your ideas and charts in the comments section below! 

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