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Awesome Platforms to Buy and Sell Websites [10+]

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Are you looking forward to earning revenue from websites but not knowing how to build one? Or are you someone who has made an established site that generates millions and is looking for a buyer?

There are a couple of online markets where you can sell and buy websites.  You can find a website at a lower cost of $500 to $100,000. It depends on the requirements of the buyer and the features provided by the seller.

So, without further ado,let’s start discussing the best platforms for buying and selling websites.

Table of Contents

  1. Flippa
  2. EmpireFlippers
  3. FE International
  4. Motion Invest
  5. MicroAcquire
  6. FlipWP
  7. Indie Maker
  8. BuySellEmpire
  9. Human Proof Designs
  10. Brand Father
  11. BrandBuilders.io
  12. Side Projectors
  13. Quick Tips To Buy And Sell Websites Online
  14. Buy & Sell Websites FAQ
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