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The US market for junk cars is vast and ever-growing. To give you an idea, approximately 26 junk cars are recycled every minute in the US. Every year, countless vehicles reach the end of their life cycle, and owners constantly look for hassle-free ways to dispose of them. This is where today's highlight comes into play, providing a convenient solution.

(148623) [PPC] Junk Car HQ (RevShare) /US [Pay-Per-Call]

The offer's appeal goes beyond just car enthusiasts and career mechanics. It extends to everyone, with an old beater taking up too much space while also catching anyone who prefers responsible recycling. The advertiser gets clients, users get cash and extra space on their property, and you get a profitable campaign that will keep on going as long as there are people with junk to dispose of. What's not to love?

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Do you feel the late autumn chills creeping in? Canada, the US, the UK, and Germany certainly do, and they are already preparing for the winter ahead with the products from today's featured offer. The Slava Heater is a breakout hit, at least based on the stats we are seeing, and it could be a breakout campaign for you if you play your cards right.

(148043) [[WEB+MOB] Slava Heater €69.99 [CPS] /DE
(148042) [WEB+MOB] Slava Heater $69.99 [CPS] /US/CA
(149001) [WEB+MOB] Slava Heater £69.99 [CPS] /UK

Our intel shows the CR on this offer averaging out at 3.39% with a $3.52 EPC. Set this one up, and you won't need any heating this winter season because the offer is capital-H hot!

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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PI LIVE Europe is gathering up brands, retailers, publishers, creators, and tech innovators in London on October 24-25! This exciting event brings together hundreds of experts under one roof to discover new, profitable partnerships and gain insights on effectively reaching consumers at every stage of the purchasing funnel.

Don’t let London’s unpredictable weather dampen your spirits—our team is ready to shine a light on your business strategies. Plus, don’t forget to celebrate with us at the Global Performance Marketing Awards, where ClickDealer has been shortlisted for its outstanding achievements.

Book a meeting with ClickDealer today and make the most of this fantastic opportunity to connect, collaborate, and celebrate success. Let’s weather the storm of competition together! See you at PI LIVE Europe!


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The eeriest night of the year is lurking around the corner. It's time to bewitch your audience with fantastic discounts and Halloween products, and we have just the offers for it. Every offer from the list below is running themed promos for October 31st, and with a couple of spooky banners, you can make a killing on the holiday preparations. 

(148361) [WEB+MOB] Rihoas /International - Revshare 8% [Approval required]
(149509) [WEB+MOB] Nicetown.com [CPS] /US RevShare 8% [Approval required]
(126479) [WEB+MOB] Carters /International - Revshare 1.6% [Approval required]
(141599) [WEB+MOB] Anker Make /US/DE/UK/FR - Revshare 5.60% [Approval required]
 (136021) [WEB+MOB] Miravia /ES Revshare up to 12% [Approval required]

This highlight is all treat and no trick. You've got sizeable discounts and a great occasion to get people to load up their carts to the brim. Set up a quick campaign and watch your ROI rise with the spirits!  

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Voting is open for Affiliate Space Awards 2023! The second edition of the Affiliate Space Awards is here to distinguish the most influential figures in the affiliate marketing industry. Last year's event was an absolute success, so predictably, this year will even have higher stakes and fiercer competition. Сompanies are competing for the right to receive the prestigious award and become the center of attention during the ceremony in Bangkok, and ClickDealer is among them, looking to follow up last year's victory.

We are nominated for Best E-commerce Network, Best Dating Network, and Best Multi-vertical Network. If ClickDealer is going to win them all, we are going to need every single vote we can get. The survey is open until November 15th, and voting takes 2-3 minutes, so there is plenty of time for anyone willing to make their voice heard. If you think ClickDealer's work this year is deserving of these awards, we would greatly appreciate you making that opinion known. Thank you in advance.

Support ClickDealer HERE


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 The Avalanche Bonus Program is taking off, and it's time to amp up your ads and shake the mountains! This is the biggest bonus program of the year, designed to reward ClickDealer affiliates who love scaling and beating their personal revenue records.

Here's what you need to know:

Automatic Participation: If you're an active ClickDealer affiliate meeting the criteria, you're already in the race!
Progressive Bonuses: Your bonuses grow with every $250 increase in revenue compared to the previous month. The more you earn, the more you gain!
Timely Rewards: Bonuses for Stage 1 will be tallied on December 15th and for Stage 2 on January 15th, followed by payouts as per your payment cycle.

Stage 1: Earn $250+ in revenue from social networking and mainstream dating offers in October 2023.
Stage 2: Repeat the feat in November 2023.

Remember, only validated leads count, and switching traffic between accounts to claim multiple bonuses is a no-go.

Make sure you're fully informed! Head over to our blog and give the rules a thorough read-through. Don't miss out on any important details!


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We're giving away a free ticket to the Affiliate World Conference! And the best part? You could be the lucky winner! All you need is a little bit of humor and a love for all things affiliate marketing.

To enter, all you have to do is take part in our epic Meme Competition, which takes place on our Instagram page!

Simply pick your favorite affiliate marketing meme or get creative and craft your own meme. Once you've got your masterpiece, share it in your story and tag ClickDealer.

Don't wait too long, though - the giveaway has already kicked off and ends on November 10 🗓. After that, our followers will vote on the best meme. We'll be hosting voting sessions in our stories starting November 11, so make sure to get your followers to vote for your entry.

The lucky winner will be announced on November 13 and will receive a free ticket to Affiliate World Asia! 

So what are you waiting for? Start digging into your meme treasure trove. Let's get those meme games going!


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Countdown to SiGMA Europe! In a week, we're hitting Malta for the iGaming event of the year. Will you be there shaping the industry's future with us? 

Over 25K pros, 250 speakers, mega-yachts, and non-stop networking & fun await! ClickDealer won't miss it, and neither should you!

Plus, we're super excited to be the Diamond Sponsor for the Affiliate Drinks Meetup by Conversion Club on Nov 13th. Join the top names in performance marketing at Casino Maltese! Ready for great drinks & even better company?

Let's connect in Malta!

Book a meeting with our managers in advance


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Get ready for the holiday season with our Franchise Bonus Program, starting November 10th until December 31st!

If you've been with ClickDealer for at least a year, you already know the excitement of our special e-commerce bonus program. 

This is your opportunity to simulate the growth of a retail empire, achieving milestones and earning bonuses without the typical responsibilities.

Earn bonuses by surpassing your October performance on ClickDealer's e-commerce offers. The more you exceed, the more you make!

For more details and a complete offer list, visit our blog.

Remember, only approved leads contribute to your rewards, calculated from approved orders and paid out at the program's end.

 Are you ready to ramp up your traffic and seize this chance?


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What could be better than a dropshipping offer just before Black Friday starts? 5 of them, of course! Across the 49 GEOs covered by each of the offers, it is almost impossible not to find a profitable option. And with Listicles, Native, Search, Social, and YouTube in allowed traffic types, anyone can pick them up for a test. 

(95874) [WEB+MOB] Enence Instant Two-Way Language Translator /International (50 GEOs) CPS @ $57.00
(106878) [WEB+MOB] Huusk - Handmade Knives /International (50 GEOs) CPS @ $26.00
(133294) [WEB+MOB] Spirual - Incense Waterfalls Cone /International (49 GEOs) CPS @ $25.00
(126292) [WEB+MOB] Derila - Memory Foam Pillow /International (49 GEOs) CPS @ $34.00
(138963) [WEB+MOB] Synoshi - Spin Power Scrubber /International (49 GEOs) CPS @ $33.00

Make sure to check the list of top geos for offers, as starting with them will be your key to success.   That is aside from promptly launching a campaign to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy. Get the units shipping and the profits dripping!

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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Have you ever wanted to spread some Christmas magic, put smiles on children's faces, and add some commas to your account balance? Today's featured offer lets you strike all three off your to-do list. A child getting a personalized letter from Santa Claus that looks like it just came from his workshop on the North Pole is a precious experience that is worth much more than the price tag on the service, and you get to make that happen all over the world, with a hefty commission coming in for each letter.

(147927) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /US CPS @ $9.5
(147928) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /UK CPS @ $4.0
(147929) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /AU CPS @ $4.2
(147931) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /CA CPS @ $4.8
(147928) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /UK CPS @ $4.0
(147933) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /NZ CPS @ $4.0
(147932) [WEB+MOB] Christmas Letters from Santa /International (26 GEOs) CPS @ €4.0
(148745) [WEB+MOB] Letters from Santa /NZ. 3.2 EUR

Email and Facebook traffic are on Santa's nice list, according to our intel. And the icing on the cake - the Creatives section is full of high-CR templates for you to choose from. It's a win-win situation: children get to believe in magic, parents' hearts are melting, you earn a pretty penny, and everyone basks in the festive cheer. What could be better?

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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Here's a terrifying statistic: an astonishing 80 million Americans are grappling with hair loss. And here's a reassuring fact to follow it up: there are lots of solutions on the market, and they just need a little bit of promotion. Today's highlight is exactly that kind of product, with a generous CPS rate to reward those who get the word out.

(150704) [WEB+MOB] Keranique - Hair Regrowth System for Women (CTC $39.95) /US (CPS)

Speaking about astonishing numbers, our intel shows a CR of 1.81% and $1.78 EPC. You can find all the creative assets you need in our Creatives section if you want to run a test right away. Don't brush away this opportunity - pick up Keranique and take it for a spin! 

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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For today's offer highlight, high fashion is on the menu. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of the brand name Armani, but there are still plenty of people who don't own their products. Changing that fact will net you a generous commission from the fashion house. What sets Armani apart is its universal appeal. Whether it's the fashion-forward youth in Tokyo or the sophisticated elite in Paris, Armani speaks a language of luxury understood by all. You just have to find some more listeners.

(150958) [WEB+MOB] Armani /International (246 geos) Revshare 4.8% [Approval Required]

The audience is vast and varied, encompassing anyone who appreciates quality, style, and the finer things in life. The 30-day cookie lifetime will provide ample time for your leads to make their orders. Set it up for a test and expect only the finest results. 

Ping your AM or Register HERE  


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