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How to solve the problem of 360Proxy detection failure?



When using the 360Proxy service, sometimes users may face proxy detection failure. This can have a negative impact on a user’s business, so it’s crucial to address this issue. This article will delve into the possible reasons and solutions for 360Proxy detection failure to help users make better use of proxy services.


1. Confirm whether the proxy settings are correct
First, users should double-check their proxy settings to ensure that the configured parameters are correct. Including the proxies IP address, port number, protocol type and other information. A simple configuration error can cause proxy detection to fail, so double-checking your settings is the first step in resolving the issue.

2. Check network connection and stability
The failure of proxy detection may be related to unstable network connection. Users should ensure that their network connection is normal and there is no disconnection or packet loss. In addition, it is also important to check the stability of the proxy server. You can try connecting to other host ports to see if the same problem exists.

3. Make sure the proxy service provider is in good condition
As a proxy service provider, 360Proxy’s server status is crucial to users’ proxy detection. Users can visit the official website of 360Proxy or obtain the status information of the proxy service provider through other channels. If the service provider fails or performs maintenance, it may cause the proxy detection to fail.

4. Check whether the proxy IP is banned
Sometimes, the proxy IP may be blocked by the target website, causing detection to fail. Users can test the availability of the proxy IP through other means to ensure that it is not blocked by the target website or service. Some online proxy IP detection tools can help users verify the status of the proxy IP.

5. Consider changing IP
If there have been problems with the IP you used before, consider changing to another available IP. 360Proxy usually provides a resource pool of 80 million+ native IPs, covering more than 190 countries around the world. Users can try to switch IPs to solve the problem of detection failure.

6. Update proxy software or client
The proxy software or client may have an outdated version or a bug, causing proxy detection to fail. Users should promptly update the proxy software or client they use to ensure that it is the latest version and that possible problems are fixed.

7. Contact the technical support of the proxy service provider
If the user still cannot solve the problem of proxy detection failure after the above steps, it is recommended to contact 360Proxy’s technical support team for help. Providing detailed problem descriptions, log information, etc. helps technical support locate and solve problems more quickly.
360proxy technical team: [email protected]

In short, 360Proxy detection failure may be caused by many reasons, but by carefully checking the proxy settings, network connection, proxy service provider status, etc., users can usually find and solve the problem. Choosing a reliable proxy service provider and maintaining timely technical support communication will help improve the stability and availability of the proxy service.


By taking the above measures, users can better solve the problem of 360Proxy detection failure and ensure the normal operation of the proxy service. When using proxy services, staying tuned for updates and notifications from the service provider and keeping abreast of possible problems and solutions will help improve the user experience in the proxy environment.


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