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How to change IP on the network? What are the advantages of static IP?



Changing your IP address is a common operation during Internet use that can bring a series of benefits. This article will introduce how to change IP in the network and the advantages of using static IP.

How to change the IP on the network?

Dynamic IP : Most users are dynamically assigned an IP address by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) when surfing the Internet. Select obtain IP dynamically in the router or computer network settings, and the system will automatically assign a new IP address.

Router reconnection: Turn off the power of the router, wait for a while and then reconnect. The router may obtain a new IP address.

Proxy server: IP changes can also be achieved using a proxy server. When accessing the Internet through a proxy server, the target website sees the IP address of the proxy server.

What are the advantages of static IP?

Stability: Static IP is fixed and will not change over time or reconnections, providing a more stable network connection.

Suitable for remote access: Static IP is suitable for scenarios that require remote access, such as remote desktops, surveillance cameras, etc. Users can conveniently access the device through a fixed IP.

Server operation: For hosting servers or websites, it is more convenient to use static IP. Users can access services through fixed IP without worrying about IP changes.

Mail server: Static IP is also necessary to build a mail server to ensure reliable sending and receiving of mails.

Remote working: For remote workers or teams, static IP can provide a more reliable remote connection and avoid frequent connection problems.

In general, there are many ways to change IP on the network, and the stability and applicability brought by using static IP are more suitable for some specific scenarios, especially businesses and services that require long-term stable connections.


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