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What is a Rotating Residential Proxy? How does it work?



Rotating residential proxies are also called dynamic residential proxies; It is one of the ways in which residential proxies operate.

Rotating residential proxy is different from static proxy. It refers to the real home IP address assigned to the user by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), and the IP is changed according to your set interval. Its characteristics determine that it has a wide range of uses. It can simulate completely real-person usage scenarios, crawl web pages, grab more information, collect data, and even websites with extremely high anti-crawling protection levels.


How Rotating Residential Proxies Work:

Residential proxy providers provide users with an IP pool. When a user makes a website request to a website through a residential proxy server, any available IP address in the pool is selected and the request is sent to the website through the proxy IP. Sessions also change the IP address used for the connection based on a website request or at a specified time.

When IPs are rotated through sessions or requests, each website request sent by the user will be sent through a different IP address. Rotating proxy IPs is especially useful for website scraping. During the crawling process, users will send a large number of requests every minute. With this rotation, the website cannot track you and your IP will not be blocked.


Generally speaking, rotating residential proxies are more suitable for applications with high privacy and anonymity such as large-scale data collection and SEO optimization.

Combined with this, having a large IP pool is the key to us being able to rotate residential proxies in time; 360proxy has a pool of 8,000+ real users, which is more anonymous and secure during use and is not easily monitored by websites.


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Rotating Residential Proxy


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