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How to set up multiple accounts for social media operations?



Operating multiple accounts on social media is one of the effective strategies to increase exposure and expand your audience. However, multi-account operations also face a series of challenges such as account management and content updates. This article will give you a detailed analysis of the strategies for operating multiple accounts on social media and help you achieve better results in operating multiple accounts.

Account classification and positioning

1. Account classification: Classify accounts for different purposes, such as main account, sub-account, specific activity account, etc., to facilitate targeted operations.

2. Account positioning: Clear positioning for each account to ensure that each account has obvious differences in content, audience and style to avoid excessive homogeneity.

Use proxy IP to create multiple accounts

First you need to register and log in to your 360Proxy account

  1. Log in to the official website and access dashboard management: find the sub-account management option on the account and password authentication page.
    This can usually be found in the account pane or in the sidebar of the user panel. Create multiple social media sub-accounts.

2. Create a sub-account: On the sub-account management page, choose to create a new sub-account. Fill in the required information, including the username, password, traffic usage limit, etc. of the sub-account.



The sub-account name cannot be repeated. If it prompts “Account already exists”, you can use another name.
If the total traffic consumption is higher than the traffic usage limit, it will cause abnormal IP extraction detection! It is recommended to increase the traffic usage limit!

3. After the creation is completed, enter the account and password authentication, select the required country and region to generate IP data, copy and return to the browser or anti-detection browser page to paste and use!

Content planning and update frequency

1. Content planning: Develop content planning for each account to ensure that the content is rich and diverse, meets the needs of the audience, and improves the attractiveness of the account.

2. Update frequency: According to the account type and audience habits, reasonably arrange the content update frequency to keep the account active.

Interaction and audience communication

1. Interaction strategy: Set an interaction strategy for each account, including replying to comments, interacting with likes and fans, etc., to improve the interactivity of the account.

2. Audience communication: Pay attention to audience feedback, understand audience needs through questionnaires, voting, etc., and adjust content strategies.

Proper use of advertising

1. Advertising targeting: Use social media advertising functions to place ads purposefully to increase account exposure.

2. Budget control: Set a reasonable advertising budget to ensure the economy and effectiveness of advertising.


The operation of multiple social media accounts requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as content, interaction, and privacy protection. Through clear positioning, reasonable planning and clever operation strategies, you can manage and operate multiple social media accounts more efficiently and achieve better publicity results.



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